How can a broker help me sell more products, concretely?

A broker is not only there to negotiate a sales agreement for you, but also to negotiate strategic locations for your products. This is what will help you to be more visible. Our sales team makes sure to find secondary locations and sell your different promotions in store.

Do I really save money by using a pharmaceutical broker?

Yes, you save by calling on us. First, we negotiate you the best sales conditions in pharmacies. Second, with us, you do not need to have your own sales team. Our representatives cover all the regions in Quebec.

What is the first step in dealing with a pharmaceutical broker? How does it work?

The first step is to contact us: our experts are there to ask you the right questions and understand your sales objectives. Thus, we put you in the scent of our good practices to put forward for your type of product.

What happens if I do not reach my sales targets with a pharmaceutical broker?

During our first discussion, we assess whether your sales target is realistic. We use our experience to realign your objectives, if necessary, to not only reach them, but also revise them upwards at the right time.

I am a supplier: can I do business with a pharmaceutical broker to improve my product offer?

Yes. Our brokers make a strategic assessment of your beauty and health, well-being, food and confectionery products, and then open you up to new possibilities.