Our pharmaceutical brokerage services

KW Brokers help you sell more and sell better. Our experience in the field allows us to pinpoint your challenges with precision in order to respond concretely. It is with a turnkey approach that we become your sales force among the major pharmaceutical banners.


Benefit from our quality contacts and business relationships in the major pharmaceutical banners to make your offer visible and heard.


The banners are interested: here we are negotiating your agreements, your promotional programs as well as the best locations on the shelves.


Once the negotiation is completed, we help you in the various stages of the sale so as not to leave anything behind and optimize your sales.


We are in the field for you: we collect key data, and then give you our advice inspired by the findings on the spot.

Benefits from KW Brokers

Over the years, our pharmaceutical brokers have refined their strategic approach to guide their clients in achieving their objectives. Here are some of the advantages of our services:

  • Bypassing long and costly processes
  • Access to advice from experienced pharmaceutical brokers
  • Effective representation
  • Enhanced visibility for your pharmacy products
  • More sales results
  • Clear, honest and intelligible results
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